100% Biodegradable Transparent PLA Waterproof Adhesive Tape Roll

Certified compostable packaging tape is the new bio-based, biodegradable, compostable packaging tape made of renewable raw materials. Its width and length are also customizable

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    500 rolls depend on type

Eco Friendly Biodegradable Compostable PLA Packaging Tape

The Eco Friendly compostable adhesive is tearable by hand and designed to be easy to unwind and apply. With a temperature range of -30°C to +70°C short-term it plays in the league of the most resistant adhesive tapes. It is therefore suitable for permanent closure of medium heavy to heavy cardboard boxes and can also be used in packaging machines. It can also be applied for sealing biodegradable bags and films and for bundling flowers and garden waste.


1. Natural material, No toxic;
2.Good heat sealability;
3.High transparency and gloss, good light transmittance;
4.Uniform thickness and smooth and flat surface;
5.Strong, Sticky, and Durable
6.Green and environmental protection;
7.Biodegradable, compostable, waterproof, anti-scalding/oil-proof,degradability, safety, economical;
9. Can be easily torn by hand for ease of use.


100% compostable and biodegradable. EN13432, ASTM6400 certified.

Characteristics Standard Value
Adhesive Water based acrylic adhesive
Thickness 28mic-100mic (total=film+glue)
Width 4mm-1280mm
Length According to customers' request
Paper Core 3" or 76mm ID
Printing color Personalized up to four colours
Packing 1) 6 rolls in a shrink
2) Carton boxes with 36 or 48or 50 or 72 rolls
3) Offer Logo design on paper core & cartons
Certifications ISO 9001:2008, SGS

1. Carton Sealing Adhesive Tape Application
Carton Sealing Adhesive Tape is mainly used for general industrial, food, beverage, medical harmaceutical, paper,e lectronics,supermarket and distribution centers; securing packages and sealing cartons.

2. Standard thickness of tape: film+ acrylic glue (unit: micron=UM)
1)38-42mic:   film: 23mic 
2)43-48mic:   film: 25mic 
3)49-52mic:   film: 28mic 
4)53-58mic:   film: 30mic 
5)59-62mic:   film: 32mic 
6)63-70mic:   film: 38mic 
Of course, we can do according to customer's request.

3. Carton Sealing Adhesive Tape Technical Data

Product Name Adhesion To Peel (N/25mm) Holding Power (Hrs) Tensile Strength (N/cm)
PLA Tape ≥5 ≥48 ≥30

4. A few popular size in global market
45mm/48mmx40m/50m/150--South Amerian
48mmx90y/500y--Iran, Middle East

NOTE: Style, color, size, weight, material and packing details can be customized as per your requirements.

Product Display:

Production Process:

Our Advantages:

1. Our compostable products are made of plant starch, which is100% biodegradable. They are phthalate free, no bisphenol A,
non-toxic and harmless for environment, fully biodegraded in 90-180 days and only produce water & CO2 as outcome.
2. We are capable of various certificates for USA, EU standards.
3. OEM/ODM is available, mold fee is refundable once order is placed.


Degradation Instructions:

1. Compost degradation
PLA can achieve full biodegradation within 180 days under composting degradation conditions, and the final products are carbon dioxide and water. The composting conditions are as follows:
○ Temperature: 58±2℃
○ Humidity: 98%
○ Microbial presence

2. Landfill degradation
The degradation rate of PLA under landfill conditions is slow, generally takes 2-5 years, but the degradation products neither pollute the groundwater nor destroy the plant growth, there will be no waste of cultivated land, and eventually it is still fully degraded.

3. Incineration
The combustion heat value of PLA is a small amount, and the complete combustion products are carbon dioxide and water, which do not pollute the air.

XINGCHUANG BIO is professional compostable adhesive tape manufacturer. Our output reaches 6,000 tons annual. 80% of products. We offer strong benefits to make the compostable tape suitable for many applications, for example a robust carrier with low elongation, alongside a natural rubber adhesive allows for reliable adhesion to varied surfaces. 
Furthermore, our team has over 15 years of experiences in plastic packaging industry and the factory is with
certificate of ISO9001, ISO14001, EN13432, SGS... 

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